Facer™ Pull Frame. Width 68mm to 110mm depth 445mm

Facer™ Pull Frame. Frames in adjustable width and available in different lengths to suit shelf depths. Standard Colour Grey RAL 9006

Width 68mm to 110mm depth 445mm  Code: 899981

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Product Enquiry - Facer™ Pull Frame. Width 68mm to 110mm depth 445mm


    Stepless adjustable frame. Integrated dividers. Inner channel length is 15 mm less than total length.

    Facer™ frames reduce the risk of overfilling and damaging bottles while ensuring well-merchandised products and can be used in almost any category. Each lane of bottles or cans is maintained in a width-adjustable steel frame hidden behind the front riser. The frames are placed directly on the shelf and work whichever way they are installed. To front-face, lift the frame up from behind the riser, pull the frame forward, dragging the products to the front of the shelf and slide the frame back into place behind the front riser.