Multivo Max™ with two metal dividers.

Multivo Max™ with two metal dividers

A straight, upright pusher to be used at the end of each shelf. One double divider pusher per shelf. Adjustable in width from 110-250mm. Contact our office for further details or advice from our sales team.

Standard width : 110-250mm

Standard depth : Contact us for your required depth


Product Enquiry - Multivo Max™ with two metal dividers.


    Extendable between widths 110mm and 250mm. Used primary for chilled or frozen foods on shelves. The tray is compatible with Multivo™ rail which is easily installed on shelf. The rail is mounted in the front or the back of the shelf and planogram changes can be easily done.

    Part of our Multivo™ Max system. The system allows to keep shelves perfectly merchandised and provides operational benefits as less time is needed to keep the shelf neatly organised.