Packet Sauces & Soups

  • Massively reduced manual front facing time
  • 24/7 perfect presentation
  • Faster restocking
  • Increased category volume
  • Enhanced shopper experience
  • Increased product visibility
  • Improved reach of top shelf
  • Enhanced shop-ability

SimpleClick Universal materials needed for Packet Sauces presentation (up to 50cm shelf depth)

  • PD-7485 – Universal Breakable T-divider (Or other length depends on shelf size)
  • PD-1505 – Universal Fixing ledges
  • ZLH-0606 – Angled Pusher large, 6N
  • PD-4141 – Universal T-rail for U Channel 1000mm (base rail depends on shelf type)

Also ideally usable for:

Other product groups, Packet Soups & Bagged Pasta.

For other product groups you may need different pushers, stronger springs and/or other front stops.

Please contact us for best advised solution.