Multivo™ T-divider with 50mm pusher

Multivo™ L divider, for left hand side of the shelf, combined with 50mm wide by 65mm high pusher on the right side. The pusher has a plate that extends to the right or fully up to facilitate pushing larger products. One required for each shelf. Available with a medium strength 6 Newton Spring pusher or for more strength 9N Spring may be required for heavier products.

Standard width : 50mm

Standard depth : Contact us for your required depth

Standard height : 65mm

Standard pusher: 50x78mm

Standard spring:  6N or 9N


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Product Enquiry - Multivo™ T-divider with 50mm pusher


    With flip down front, which facilitates fast refilling. Pusher width 50mm, mounted right.

    Part of our Multivo™ shelf merchandising system. Multivo™ consists of T- and L-dividers, combined with pusher or Pull-strip ™ functionality. The system only requires a front rail, which allows for faster and easier installation and planogram changes.